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First Subdivision
Chicago to Lafayette
Updated 08-31-2015

Second Subdivision
Monon to Indianapolis
Updated 08-31-2015

Third Subdivision
Michigan City to Monon
Updated 08-25-2015

Fourth Subdivision
Lafayette to Bloomington
Updated 08-31-2015

Fifth Subdivision
Bloomington to Louisville
Updated 09-12-2015

Sixth Subdivision
The I & L Branch
Updated 01-24-2012

Seventh Subdivision
The French Lick Branch
Updated 08-28-2015

Eighth Subdivision
The Bedford & Bloomfield Branch
Updated 05-12-2011

Ninth Subdivision
Chicago And Wabash Valley
Updated 10-30-2014

Indiana Limestone Lines
Limestone Quarries
Updated 08-19-2011

Monon Coal Mines
Coal Mines On The Monon
Updated 03-19-2011

Contributors To This Site
Updated 08-23-2015

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