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The roundhouse at McDoel. Unknown date.






Steam engine #606 and crew pose at McDoel Yard, 1937.








Left: Northbound Train 74, with a A-B-A F3 lash up, passing through downtown Bloomington, May 1947. Landmarks of Bloomington in the late 1940's include the Hotel Graham and the Monroe County Court House. Right: July 1971. RS2 #56 takes a spin on the McDoel roundhouse turntable. The condition of the roundhouse notwithstanding, the Monon was maintained in excellent condition to the end.


McDoel Turntable, circa 1970. Two looks at the turntable.


Left: Black and gold F3 sits on the turntable at McDoel. Right: Oaken Bucket Special waits at McDoel Yard. This was the last Monon football passenger special.

McDoel Yard, 1970. Yard office building. In 1966 this building was built and housed the passenger terminal until the discontinuance of passenger service in 1967.


NEW 02-16-2011 Left and Right: Interior of the last Monon passenger station in Bloomington at Grimes Lane. -MRHTS Photo Archives Collection-


McDoel Yards, November 1968. Monon C-420 517 and 505 await assignment.






McDoel Yard. C-420 #516 in consist. Turntable can be seen in the background.








Left: RS2 #53 and C-420 #156 near turntable, May 1986. Right: RS2 #51, date unknown.


Great shot looking over the top of C-420 #503 in consist, date unknown.







Left and Right: Old Monon wood caboose at Woorley Quarry, circa 1985. A unique club house.


Left: Monon BL2 #30 crossing 2nd Street in Bloomington, Indiana. July 7, 1961. Bloomington High School is in the background. Right: Shower Brothers Furniture Factory, unknown date.


Left: Northbound "Thoroughbred" near the depot, year is 1962. Right: Another shot of the northbound "Thoroughbred" north of McDoel Yard.

Bloomington 2004


North side of Bloomington. Monon mainline curves off to the left side of the image. Tracks have been removed. This was the area where the IC and Monon interchanged in Bloomington.







Bloomington, Indiana. Circa 2004. Left: Shot of the former Monon mainline about a half a mile north of McDoel Yard. Mile post pictured is from the L&N era. Right: CSX office McDoel, boarded up and deserted. (Images obtained via the Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society's Picture List Serve. I somehow neglected to note the original photographers. If anyone knows, please e-mail me so proper credit can be listed.


Former Bloomington depot location 2004. Left: Former depot location, looking to the northeast. Right: Looking south along the mainline. Depot once stood to the left of the image.


Left: Mainline north of downtown. Looking north along the mainline from Kirkwood Avenue. Right: Another look north along the mainline from 6th Street.


Left: Looking north along the mainline. Right: Looking to the south. Both images taken from the Bloomington Convention Center area.

One of the highlights, or low lights, of the 2004 Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society's Convention Bus Tour was a "get out and look" visit to the former McDoel Yards. To most, this was their first visit to McDoel. To many former Monon employees on the tour, seeing the tearing up of the yard was indeed a sad experience.


Left: Looking at the mainline and yard lead at the north end of McDoel. Right: Stacks of ties ready to be removed from the once busy yard. You are looking toward the south. As one former Monon trainman said, "Seeing this place today, makes me sad. Really sad."


Left: Looking to the south at what was once a busy railroad yard. Right: Standing in the middle of the yard, looking south where, towards the left side of the image, the roundhouse once was. Evidence of the turntable pit is still visible if one has a desire to walk that way.

McDoel 2006


These photos were sent to me a while back. BMIA Operative Joe Land wandered by McDoel and took these pictures. Left: Looking south from Grimes at the vacant yard. Right: Yard Office stands desolate and silent. There is talk of the Bloomington Park Department using it. Shame to let it just decay away.

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