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Promotional Postcards from Cedar Lake. Left: 1910 and Right: 1950's


Samuel Bartlett, a Chicago businessman and Cedar Lake resort owner, attempted to develop the north end of the lake into rental property. For several years he sold cabins which were later converted into homes by the owners. Bartlett also had his own depot on the Monon Railroad to cater to his potential customers. He ran a bus between the depot and his office and development. Left: Shot of the officeand surrounding area. Right: Close up of the Bartlett Office.

Cabins which may have been close to what Samuel Bartlett was selling. No location, year is 1920.






NEW 06-27-2009 Local landmark Left and Right:: Midway Gardens, later Midway Ballroom. This dancehall featured everything from swing and big band to rock and roll. Your webmaster saw the Bunckinghams there in the 1960's. It was destroyed by fire in the 1980's.



Right: Coleman's Corner on the east side of the lake. The Coleman Hotel was one of hundreds that operated in Cedar Lake. It was a very popular restaurant for decades. Your webmaster's family enjoyed many a great meal here during the 1960's. It was torn down and replaced with a hardware business. The hotel back bar was saved and are on exhibit at the museum, formerly Lassen's Hotel.





In and around the lake. Left: Location known as Monte's Store and Post Office, circa 1922. This location was west of the lakefront Monon Railroad Depot. The photo was more than likely taken from the water tank near the depot. The store was owned by L. Monte Bieseker. Right: North side of the lake, East Shore Drive. Behind the building to the left, was the Midway Gardens/ Ballroom.


NEW 02-21-2011 Right: Lauerman's Store, unknown date.


Left: Businesses around the lake. Ice Cream Parlor featured in this picture. Right: Identified as Wilson's Subdivision.


Left: Early 1900's businesses on the north shore of Cedar Lake. Right: Another shot from the early 1900's of buildings on the lake shore.

Bathers enjoy the lake during the early 1900's.







Left: Cottages on the hill and Cedar Point Park. Right: Coffin's Beach on the south end of the lake. This resort was very near to where the ice barns and warehouses were located. In the early 1960's Coffin's Beach was a favorite swimming location for your webmaster. It featured a large slide.

Coffin's Beach, then known as Happy Hollow, circa 1927. The water silde and toboggan run. Note Monon right of way along the shoreline in the background.






NEW 05-30-2008 Edgewater Grove park, 1932. Right: Lakeview Park area, 1923.


Left: Ray's Road House, circa 1909. Right: Looking out over the lake from Lake View Park, 1925


The Binyon Hotel, Cedar Lake. The Binyon was one of hundreds of hotel and resorts that once thrived along the shore of Cedar Lake. Left: Shot of the hotel and property. Right: Looking out towards the lake from the hotel.

Looking back towards Binyon's Hotel from the lake.







More Cedar Lake Hotels. Left: The Burke Hotel, circa 1907. Right: Looking in from the pier at the Cedar Point Hotel, circa 1914.


Left: Several of the resort hotels are pictured, circa 1930's. Right: Photo looking toward shore at a location known as the Derby Shore. Judging by all the vehicles, must have once been a popular place.

Hotel Sans Souci, 1912. Yet another hotel in and around Cedar Lake.






Log cabin resort. This picture was described as a log cabin resort at Cedar Lake. Picture is cira early 1900's.






Depot Pier. Circa 1920's. Another picture of the Monon Pier. Boat has been identified as one of the Lassen's Dewey Line motor launches. East side of the Monon Depot can be seen in the background. Photo courtsey Museum Of The Red Cedars. Right: Depot Pier. Date of picture unknown. Motor launches would pick up and deliver travelers to the Monon Depot. The Lasser Hotel was a frequent location for the arrival and departure of these boats. The Lasser Hotel is now the Red Cedars Museum.

Cedar Lake was established in May of 1886 when a post office opened. The images on this page came from the private collection of Bea Horner. Mrs. Horner was considered the authority on the history of Cedar Lake and surround areas. I was granted access and use of these images by the Lake Of The Red Cedars Museum , Cedar Lake, Indiana, where the collection now resides. I would like to thank the museum and it's staff, especially Mrs. Ann Zimmerman for taking the time to go through the volumes of files and pictures with me.

Lassen's Hotel


Left: Lassen's Hotel. Right:Lassen Pavillion, date unknown. Since the hotel is not depicted, one must presume it was prior to moving the lodge across the lake.

The Lassen Hotel is a 65 room "T" shaped building, located on the east shore of Cedar Lake. The base of the "T" was originally located on the west shore of the lake and was built in 1895 as a boarding house for Armour Brothers "ice farmer" employees who cut and harvested ice on the lake. The top section of the "T" was built with wood taken from Armour Brothers ice barns. In 1919 the Armour Brothers sold their ice business to John G. Shedd, who would later help finance the construction of the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois.

Guest enjoy the veranda on the Lassen's Pavilion, circa 1906.

Christopher Lassen, who owned a thriving resort, purchased the boarding house and wood from the ice barns. During the winter of 1919, he moved the entire boarding house building over the frozen lake to the east shore where it presently resides. He remodeled the buildings into a hotel. The Lassen resort was well known in the region for its hotel and restaurant built out over the lake, and for the dance hall with live band performances. The Lassen Hotel lasted until after World War II. The historic building was sold to the Lake Region Christian Assembly for their family activities.

In 1977, the entire 26 acre site, including the hotel was purchased by the Town of Cedar Lake for use as a Town complex. When it became evident that the town was in favor of tearing down the old hotel, the Cedar Lake Historical Association, Inc., was formed and helped save the building. Granted a 50 year lease by the town, the Historical Association, lobbied, and received National Register Of Historic Places status in 1981. The Association operates the Lake Of The Red Cedars Museum.

The lake was a get away from the summer's heat for generations of people. Here is one of the beaches, circa 1906.

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