14 th Street, Roosevelt Road and Clark Streets


Photos: Left: F-units between Roosevelt Road and 14th St. The units are on the Monon freight house lead track. Right: Incoming passenger at 14th St. The dwarf signals indicated the pposition of the gates for the street crossing.


Photos; Left: Red and gray passenger at Roosevelt Road. Right: South of Roosevelt Road. 84A appears to be backing up southbound (red flag on the engineer's side) and is about to duck under Clark Street.

NEW 10-08-2010 Photo: Inbound Monon between 14th St and Roosevelt Road.







Photos: Left: Outbound passenger at 15th Street about to duck under Clark Street, 1960. Right: Southbound at 16th Street, ducking under St Charles Airline. There was an interlocker there controlling crossovers between passenger mains, freight tracks, Dearborn leads and 18th St Yard leads.

NEW 09-18-2010 Photo Left: Steam #430 is northbound at 15th St. The tower is out of view to the left. The signal bridge in the background is over the St Charles Airline. The Meadow Gold warehouse can be seen to the left.




NEW 10-08-2010 Photo: Right. Indianapolis bound Hoosier outbound at 16th St.m circa 1950. Trains didn't move too fast here but it appears the photographer was taking quite a risk standing between the tracks.






21th Street

21st Area Railroad Map -Courtesy Steve Long -

NEW 09-18-2010 Photo Left: Monon #444 on the point of an out bound passenger at 21st Street, in October of 1946. It would be a few months before the new EMD F3's would arrive.




NEW 02-10-2011 Looking down on the 21st Interlocker from the Pennsylvania Lift Bridge. This photo show the complicated track work and also the PRR Interlocker Tower. We apologize for the fuzziness of the photo. -Ed Rickert Photograph. Bob Latich Collection-


Photos: Left: Train #12 is approaching the 18th St overpass. The north bound home signals for 16th St interlocker are seen at the far right. That is 18th St yard in the background. Right: Southbound Thoroughbred, circa 1949, at 21st Street. lead F unit is crossing the IC/ATSF main and the rear unit is crossing the PRR. The PRR lift bridge can be seen to the left.


NEW 02-08-2011 Left: Outbound Hoosier, Train #11, passing through the interlocker at 21st Street, 1950's. -Tim Swan Collection- Right: C&WI switcher pushing an empty train toward Dearborn and light power moving outbound for the engine terminal. -Joseph Scherschel Photograph-


Photo Left: Southbound Train #6 near 21st Street, 1960.Right: F3 82-A on southbound near 21st.


Photos Left: RS2 #22 is outbound at 21st Street. The PRR lift bridge would be to the right. Right Alco C-628, running long nose, is inbound approaching 18th Street. The ATSF Coach Yard is in the background. The boxcars are on the team tracks.

Right: Northboundat 21st Street, 1948. The visible portion of the train has crossed the PRR. The building with the 5 stacks is the powerhouse for ATSF's coach yards and enginehouse.






Photo: Great look at the 21st Street Interlocker. In bound N&W commuter train from Orland Park. Taken sometime after the Wabash takeover in 1964.


Photos: Other actions at 21st Street. Left GMO passenger coming off the lift bridge. Right: Santa Fe out bound sometime after Amtrak, when those trains were moved to Union St. The train is coming off the PRR lift bridge and will use the GM&O to Bridgeport, then on to the ATSF tracks.

47th Street


Photo:Left: 47th St station looking NNE. The train on the right is inbound and the one on the left is outbound. Note that outbound on the C&WI at this point could be a SB, EB or WB train, depending on the railroad. The signal bridge in the right background is PRR. The yard to the left was leased to the Wabash. The connection to the stockyards at 40th St was about a mile north of the station. The Erie and Monon leased yard tracks from C&WI at 51st St Yard. Right: 1933 and an outbound Tippecanoe stops at 47th Street.


Photos: Left: Southbound with #203 in the lead at 47th Street. -Bud Bulgrin Collection- Right: Northbound Train #6 stops at 47th Street. -Louis Marre Phototgraph-

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