#408, in consist, Train 72, out of Wea Creek, no date listed.





Crossing State Road 25 at Wea Creek, south of Lafayette. No date listed on the photo.






Wea Creek 2004. Left and Right: The former Monon viaduct at Wea Creek, October 2004.

MP 126.5 1st Subdivision -


Taylors 2004. Left: Downtown Taylors. Looking towards the southeast. Right: Looking south along the mainline.


Left: Looking north along the mainline. Right: Remains of the old elevator. This structure sits on the northeast side of the crossing.

Southbound local passing Taylors, May 1969.





Train 73 passing the elevator at Taylors.






Southbound freight approaching Taylors. This photo is one of 299 great Monon images from Dick Fontaine.






MP 129.5 1st Subdivision -

The town was formed and latted in 1822 and was named after a local family. The Post Office was first established in 1878. Originally known as Raub, the "South" was added to distinguish this location from Raub up in Benton County. Raub appeared in the early timetables and continued until about 1866. In Timetable #17 the South was added and appeared until 1949 when Timetable #86 appeared. There was an agent, who worked in a frame combination depot, builtin 1905. The agent lasted into the 1920's.


Head on accident at South Raub. August 6, 1900.


Left and Right: Additional photos from the South Raub head on collision.


Elevator at South Raub, September 1976.








South Raub 2004. Left: Looking north along the mainline, towards Lafayette. Rebuilding the business that recently caught fire. Right: Looking towards Linden, south.


M.P. 132.9 - 4th Subdivision - CN


Elevator at Romney, circa 1960's. This area was once known as Corwins. When the U.S. Post Office was built in Romney, the area was simply known as Romney.





Romney Depot. Date unknown. -MRHTS Photo Archives-

The Romney Post Office, circa 2004, stands at the corner of High Street (West 1150 South) and State Road 231.







Left and Right: March 20, 2004. Current CSX mainline at West 1150 South crossing. On the left you are looking north along the main. Old elevator stands silent on the east side of the tracks. On the right, the view to the south from the same crossing.

Looking at the east side of the elevator at Romney. It does not appear to be very busy these days.





April 05, 2003 CSXT 2347 Heading north for the Lafayette Yard passing a set of famous Monon blades just before dusk. Photograph by Robby.





Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society member Kevin Heggi sent in this picture of the signals at Romney, circa 2004. You are looking toward the south, towards Linden.




GP 38-2 on the former Monon mainline at Romney, April 15, 2005. The signals are awesome.





M.P. 137.0 - 4th Subdivision - FA


Left: The original Linden Union Depot, circa 1895. Right: The depot, early 1960's.

Right: Steam action at Linden. Northbound freight on the Monon main and a Nickle Plate locomotive waits.





Linden depot, date unknown. The Monon crossed the Nickle Plate Road's St. Louis line here. After World War II the Nickle Plate became of of the stronger eastern roads. Freight moved quickly from Louisville to Linden, then east on the Nickle Plate. George Hilton photo.






Linden Depot, circa 1961. View of the backside of the depot.







Near Linden, Indiana September 20, 1940. This picture was taken near Linden. Photographer unknown. Crew of this extra southbound poses for the camera. This train was moving 100 new Pullman Standard hopper cars from Layfayette to the I&L Branch for coal loading. Right: Another picture of the same train.

All Monon fans are familiar with the photo of the steam locomotive and string of new hopper cars, pictured above. The photo on the right above was used in the Dolzall Brothers book. Steve Dolzall sent me this picture. It is, quite obviously, the other end of the same train of brand new hopper cars.





Local landmark in Linden. Almost as famous as the depot is Clara's Southside Tavern. The buisness remains and thrives today under the name Burrow's. -Jim Davis Collection-






Left: 1967, Linden, Indiana. Long line of Monon motive power approaching the Nickle Plate crossing. The freight is headed up by Number 510, an Alco C-420. Tony Koester photo. Right: 1962. Monon freight with locomotive 407 in the lead passing through Linden.

November 1964. Monon #6, led by F3A 203 makes a station stop at Linden. The interchange with the Nickel Plate line is to the right of the engine. Richard Baldwin Photo.



Good shot of the Linden depot. Monon right of way in foreground left to right. Nickle Plate lower left hand corner.





Northbound local at Linden, late 1960's early 1970's.






Linden, Indiana 2003. Left: CSX action on the mainline at Linden. This picture was taken as the southbound passed the former location of the Monon Railroad Historical - Technical Society. Right: Linden Depot Museum. The former depot shared with the Nickle Plate is a museum.


2003, Linden, Indiana. CSX motive power on the former Hoosier Line, splitting the signals. Kevin Nelson photo.







Left: November 22, 2003. Looking south along the mainline from downtown Linden. Right: November 22, 2003. Monon Society meeting interupted by southbound CSX on the former Monon.


Northbound Amtrak Hoosier State passing through Linden. In a few moments this train will be passing the former Linden depot.





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