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McCoysburg Hotel, date unknown. Jasper County Historical Society


McCoyaburg was once a thriving town. The Bradford Highway ran between Bradford, later Monon, to Rensselaer and once boasted several stores. The Monon Railroad built a large stockyard with pens to handle 400-500 head of animals. It was located on the south side of the Monon right of way. The depot sat across from the hotel and did have a telegraph and express office. The depot burned down in 1932. The Post Office was located inside of the grocery stores south of the Monon mainline and it burned down twice, ignited by sparks from passing trains. The town also boasted an elevator, east of the business district, built by Warren Poole and Walter Lee. Electricity for the town was supplied by Gifford Marrs, who owned a Delco generator plant in his garage. The community boasted 2 street lights.


Meeting the CSX southbound at McCoysburg. This quiet little rural community, which is nothing more than a few homes and farms, sits between Rensselaer and Monon. Off of County Road 650S, McCoysburg has a sort of claim to fame. It was the point where the Chicago and Wabash Valley Railroad built by Benjamin Gifford met the Monon. After Gifford's death in 1913, the line was sold to the Monon Railroad.




Looking at the bridge supports for a proposed overpass that was never built by the C&WV. The right of way for the old C&WV would head due north from supports. The farmer who owns the land has leveled the old roadbed and removed the trees that ran along both sides of the old right of way.





Left and Right: Located on the south side of the former Monon mainline, I found this concrete bridge support. Picture on the right is a close up view of the support. I have been told that this support was probably just left abandoned. Still, I consider it part of C&WV history.


After taking pictures of the supports along the mainline and the abandoned one, as I turned to the south, a thought entered my mind. Could the way I walked in been part of the proposed right of way? It certainly does have that look to it.





For more on the Chicago and Wabash Valley Railroad, just follow this mainline.

MP 83.1 1st Subdivision -

Named for the President of the Indianapolis, Delphi and Chicago Railroad, John Lee, this community was founded in 1883. The station name appears on timetables of the ID&C as early as 1878. The community was a grain market.

Left: Lee, July 28, 1976. Looking north along the L&N, former Monon mainline. Right: Abandoned business in Lee, November 6, 1979. It appears as if the town and the building have seen better days.

Left: Lee, November 6, 1976. Site of the Lee depot and water tank. Foundations can be seen amid the weeds. Right: Sign announcing the town of Lee, September 28, 1976. It was located on the north side of the CR 500 W grade crossing.

Mainline heading south from Lee, November 6, 1979.






Left: Lee, October 2003. Foundation of an old grain elevator. Right: Another view of the old elevator foundation.

Mainline heading north from Lee, October 2003.






Mainline heading south from Lee, October 2003.






More pictures coming soon.

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