Monon Indiana, Depot Accident and Dedication

Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railroad President John W. Barriger III poses in front of the limestone depot in Monon, December 31, 1952.



Left: Pictured is the depot above after the engines finished with it. There was one fatality, the engineer Herbert Dickerson. Two girls waiting on the platform were seriously injured as was the Monon's telegrapher, Mahlon Eberhard. No passengers on the train were injured. Right: Another picture of the wreck. At first glance this picture looks backwards, but the engine to the left of the photo is not on the tracks. It has been righted and sits alongside the demolished depot. Image courtsey of Mike Aufderheide.



Left: Another angle of the depot diaster. Pictured is Monon F3A #85A, which was the second locomotive on the southbound. Hulce Martin photo. Right: October 26, 1952. Monon mail-baggage car #317 filling in as the temporary depot in Monon, Indiana. A new brick depot would open in 1953.

Another view of the damaged locomotives at Monon.





From Mahlon Eberhard's Collection



















Joe Kriby Family Photos




Four photos of the aftermath of the accident which destroyed the depot, September 17, 1951. Photos taken by Morris Kirby, used by permission of the Joe Kriby Family.

Special thanks to Joe Aufderheide and his son, Mike, for the pictures which have been added to this page. These pictures were taken in 1951 by Joe.


Left: Wreck picture #1. Right: Wreck picture #2


Left: Wreck picture #3. Right: Wreck picture #4

Left: Wreck picture #5. Right: Wreck picture #6



Left: Temporary depot at Monon, 1952. Right: Train 12 arriving at Monon. Note temporary depot.


Left: Temporary depot and the construction of the new brick depot. Right: Another picture of the construction of the brick depot at Monon.


Left: The new depot is taking shape. Right: After the new brick depot was completed, the temporary depot had to be removed. Here a Monon derrick starts to lift the temporary depot. This car would be put back on trucks and removed.

1953 Monon Depot Dedication


Left: Before the new depot could be opened, the temporary depot needed to be removed. Here a Monon derrick gets ready to lift the passenger car used as a depot back onto trucks. Right: After the temporary depot has been removed, crews clean up the platform.


Left: To properly open the depot, you need the assistance of the Monon High School Band. Right: Business Car arrives and workmen finish the job of getting things ready.


Left and Right: Speakers and dignitaries address the crowd.

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