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Monticello, Indiana, June 2003. Left: Former street running Monon mainline. Looking south from the former Pennsylvania, now TP&W RR tracks. Foster Street is pictured. Right: Abandoned mainline north of the former crossing with the Pennsylvania.


Left: TP&W structure at former crossing, just north of Foster Street. The monon crossed to the west of this location. Right: Abandoned mainline looking north from W. Ohio Street. Here the line stopped running between the streets.



Left: The end of former Indianapolis line. Looking north from Hanawalt Street. Right: Looking south at the former right of way.


Left: Looking south along the former right of way down Railroad Street from West Broadway Street. Right: Looking north along Railroad Street from Ohio Street.


Left: Looking south along the abandoned mainline south of Ohio Street. Right: Looking to the railroad south at the old right of way from South Main Street. Tioga Road is to the left of the picture. Continue south and you would come to the former Tippecanoe River bridge site.


Looking railroad north along the old right of way from the north end of the former bidge site. Right: Looking railroad south across the Tippecanoe River where the Monon bridge once stood. Great view.


Left: Looking at the abutment at the railroad north end of the former bridge. Right: Close up of the same abutment.


Railroad south end of the former bridge. Left: The southern approach to the Tippecanoe River bridge is being removed for development. Looking at what remains of the southern approach. Right: During the removal of the southern approach, these huge limestone blocks were found. Were these used as fill when the line was built?


Local landmark the Sportsman Inn. circa 2006. The Sportsman County Club was built in 1928 on 100 acres of land and several hundred feet of lake frontage. With the Depression, the hotel became idle until 1934 when Roy Conrad took a one-year lease and began buying it. In the the early days it was open 24-hours a day and 'all you can eat catfish' was 25-cents while a beer sold for 5-cents. Many celebrities such as Joe Louis, Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey, were welcomed at the hotel as were politicians of both parties such as Nelson Rockefeller and all of the Indiana governors would visit the hotel. The historic Sportsman Inn has seen renovations that have been added, additions include a beautiful lakeside deck and the second floor has been opened up to hold banquets, parties, events and meetings. The property was sold and part of the building was demolished. The property is under new ownership and work to rebuild is underway. Left and Right: Work being done on the Sportsman Inn.

Another look at the work being done at the Sportsman Inn.





Monticello 2007

The former Monon is still serving Monticello. Thanks to BMIA Operative Jim Wolfe, we know that there is still traffic and activity on the former Monon on the northside of Monticello. Tank cars sit at Monticello Farm Service.



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