Murdock Branch Line

The Monon spur from the Murdock accessed the quarry areas around Bedford. The branch came in from the east instead of the southeast. The images, all from 1984, show the branch line. I am relatively certain that they may be out of sequence, from the start to the end of the branch, however, since they were really not identified with better locations, I did the best I could.


Left: Looking towards the north where the branch leaves the main towards Thornton. Right: Another shot of the tracks, again looking toward the north.


Left: Looking south towards Furst-Kerber Mill # 2. Note boxcars sitting on spur. Right: Somewhere on the branch, looking towards the south.


Furst-Kerber Mill #2. According to the date on the building, this mill was opened in 1911.







Left: Along the branch looking towards the north. Nice fall colors. Right: Looking south, somewhere along the branch.


Below: Former Monon Murdock branch looking south towards an old quarry.

Left and Right: Bridge of Salt Creek on the Murdock Branch. This is the same bridge above. No date listed, however Steve Stafford visited the area recently and spoke with several local residents. They identified these pictures as the bridge. I have added several photos of this bridge, circa 2006 on the Murdock Branchline page.


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