MP 77.0 1st Subdivision -

Pleasant Ridge freight depot, date unknown. Built in 1885. The town was established in 1870 and it is believed the name comes from the pleasant view of the hills and ridges. Photo courtsey of Jasper County Historical Society.


May 7, 1961, Passenger train #6 passes the siding at Pleasant Ridge. According to the timetable, trains were allowed to reach speeds of 75mph on this part of the mainline.






Left: Pleasant Ridge, November 6, 1979. TR Iron works. Looking towards the north. Right: TR Iron Works. Same general area, October 2003.

Left: Pleasant Ridge, September 28, 1976. Looking to the south from just north of the iron works. State Road 114 crossing and elevator in the distance. Right: Same general area, October 2003, looking south.

September 28, 1979. Fertilizer Plant, Mount Pleasant. Elevator in the distance.





February 3, 1984. Mount Pleasant elevator. Looking to the north along the mainline.






Left: Pleasant Ridge, February 3, 1984. Another view of the elevator tracks. Southbound Seaboard freight is crossing Rt 114. Right: February 3, 1984. Same elevator, looking south along mainline from 114 crossing.

Pleasant Ridge, June 2003. Left: Looking towards the northwest from the SR 114 crossing. Right: Looking southest along the mainline towards Monon.

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