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Reynolds, Indiana was founded around 1854 and named after Benjamin Reynolds. The town has been an interchange point with several railroads. The crossing has changed names several times. The earliest noted name was the Chicago, St. Louis & Pittsburgh. That lasted until 1909 when it was replaced by the "Panhandle" or Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis in 1910. The Pennsylvania followed and in 1969 it became the Penn Central. Since 1971 it has been Toledo, Peoria and Western, Santa Fe and most recently the TP&W once again.


Reynolds, Indiana, dates unknown. Left and Right: Reynolds Union Depot. Two great shots of the depot shared by the Monon and Pennsylvania at Reynolds, Indiana. Photos courtsey MRHTS.

Reynolds depot, unknown date.







Left: Reynolds depot and TPW crossing looking south. Right: Depot, Freight House and crossing guard.


Right of way shot at Reynolds


Looking down Main Street at Reynolds, circa 1910.







Building near the diamond at Reynolds. Date unknown -MRHTS Photo Archives Collection-



Reynolds, Indiana, October 3, 2003. Left: Looking south down the mainline from SR 24 crossing. Right: SR 24 crossing getting a face-lift. Workers putting the finishing touches on a new crossing. Passing siding, to the east has been removed. Crew was nervous until I explained I was not with CSX or any insurance company.


Reynolds 1976. Left: Looking south along the mainline from just north of the diamond for the TP&W crossing. Right: 1976, just south of the TP&W crossing. Looking toward the south.


Reynolds, Indiana, October 3, 2003. Left: Looking north up the mainline towards the diamond at the crossing with the TP&W. The two roads interchange via the route to the left side of the picture. Right: Another look at the TP&W crossing. The depot pictured at the top of the page sat in the southwest quadrant of the diamond.


Reynolds, Indiana, November 6, 1979. Left: Buschman Fertilizer Company which sat in the middle of the wye area. Right: Same area, November 22, 2003.


Elevator complex south of Reynolds. Photo taken from highway.






October 5, 2003. Northbound Amtrak train #851 passing through Reynolds. Photo taken from southeast side of SR 24.







Reynolds September 24, 1976. Left: L&N Freight is about to rumble through Reynold. Right: Another shot of the same freight.

Reynolds 2006


Reynolds 2006. Action on the former TPW/ PRR line. Left: The westbound freight pictured is just about to cross over the former Monon at Reynolds. Right: Shot of the Rail America locomotive on the westbound.

Located in Reynolds, Indiana, the Megnetation Pellet Plant commenced operations in September 2014.  This 3.0 million mt per year facility processes iron ore concentrate from Magnetation’s northern Minnesota operations to produce high quality fluxed iron ore pellets.  These pellets serve as feedstock for Magnetation partner AK Steel’s blast furnace operations in Middletown, Ohio and Ashland, Kentucky.  The Pellet Plant employs the latest pelletizing technology and engineering used in global pellet production today.

Aerial view of the new plant. Located on the north side of the Community.

The Reynolds Rail System is an extensive infrastructure comprised of a six-layer loop and over 64,000 feet of track.  The Reynolds Rail System serves multiple inbound and outbound rail options, including Toledo, Peoria & Western (TPW) and CSX (Former Monon).


MP 82.0 1st Subdivision -

Originally plotted as the town of Wheelers, named after Hiaram Wheeler, in 1879. Wheeler had built a factory in this location. The Post Office opened in 1880 and the town changed the name to Smithson in honor of Lt. Bernard G Smith, a veteran of the Civil War and son of a prominent citizen who settled in the town in 1879.

Smithson 1977. All that remains is the crossing, a business building and homes.





Inspection special on the line near Smithson in 1971.





Looking south along the former Monon mainline at Smithson, 2005.





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