Marge Beier Collection

Mrs. Marge Beier has graciously allowed me to use of these two pictures from her scrapbook. Anyone familiar with Lowell knows who Marge Beier is. Her family has owned and operated The Davis Store for 118 years and the family is pretty much a fixture around town. After word circulated that research was being done on the 1952 Wreck, she contacted me and allowed me to view her scrapbook with pictures and newspaper accounts of the accident. These pictures are two which were new to me and I had not seen before. She told me that she thought the pictures were originally taken by Jim Baker. Marge's father was a Lowell Volunteer Fireman and was there every hour that the Lowell Volunteer Department was on the scene. Marge has promised me her father's home movies if she can locate where they are. When they are found, rest assured that they will make their way here.


Picture 1. This picture appears to have been taken from the roof of the American Legion. There is also an outside chance it may have been taken from the roof of Hepp's Tavern. The rubble to the lower left corner of the picture is what was left of the old Lowell Depot. According to Marge, those little silver or light colored specks are cans of sausages.




Picture 2. This picture was taken from Commercial Avenue, at the crossing, looking south.






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