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The photo on this page are courtesy of Mr. Mahlon "Cookie" Eberhard. Cookie was literally born into the Monon. Several relatives worked for the Monon, as did Cookie. Cookie started working for the Monon when he was 16 years old. In 1951, he was injured September 17, 1951 in the accident at Monon, Indiana when Number 5 left the tracks and demolished the depot. Cookie is known for his expertise on the railroad's roster and stories.

Cookie provided some information on the crew of Freight 71. Conductor William (Snapper) Elliott, Engineer Claude (Susy) Smith and Fireman William (Bill) Holmes are all deceased. "These men were all class one railroaders they were a good bunch of fellows on and off the job.."

Pictures used with his permission. (He hopes to find additional pictures.)

(Click on first image to view it full size)


Picture taken from Washington St, east of crossing looking toward the southwest. It appears to be taken from where the Sidetrack now stands.






This picture appears to be taken from on top of a train car on the siding. The view is looking toward the north, or looking toward the Commercial Avenue crossing





This view is from ground level, again looking north toward the crossing. The remains of the old depot would be to the right of the picture.





Good picture of the piled up freight cars. Once again you are looking north, toward the Commercial Avenue crossing.





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