Janet Hunley (Paul R. Arnold)

Mrs. Janet Hunley, of Cedar Lake, Indiana, contacted me shortly after reading an advertisement I had run in the Lowell Tribune. The purpose of the ad was locating photos and accounts of the wreck. Mrs. Hunley generously allowed me to copy her late husband's (Paul R. Arnold) home movies of the Lowell wreck. First, on to VHS tape, then into digital format. Mr. Arnold, at the time, was the Monon Agent in Shelby.

I regret that at this time, the movie is in .mpg format only. It is very large, 4.3 meg. Needless to say it may take awhile to load. Those without mpg viewers, or Windows Media players will be unable to view this movie. I am working on getting the file converted to avi, and QuickTime movie. The still frame below was taken from the movie. It is blurry. I am tinkering with other still captures from the movie. With luck, I can clear them up enough to post here.


Warning! Large File..4.3meg

Still pictures taken from the movie. I hope to add more.

(They may be blurry, for this I apologize.)

Movie Still 1



Movie Still 2



Movie Still 3

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