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Karlson Collection

The photos on this page are courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Swede Karlson of Lowell, Indiana. I learned of their existence from Richard Schmal, also of Lowell, Indiana and a contributor. While looking through some old pictures of the Karlson's, he noticed some of the 1952 wreck and contacted me. I in turn contacted the Karlsons. They were gracious enough to mail me the pictures to have copies made and post here.

On an extremely personal note, I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Karlson for the pictures. Our two families were very close. To this day I still consider them a set of second parents. Their eldest son, Rick, and I were classmates from Kindergarden through graduation from Lowell High School in 1973. Their second son, John, graduated two years behind Rick and I. John was a close friend and my baseball companion. We both loved baseball, as players or spectators, and spent many a summer afternoon, evening and weekend at the ballpark. We grew apart after I married and I am still saddened by John's untimely accidential death. Thank you for use of your pictures Mrs. Karlson. You and John are very much in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

South side of Commercial Ave crossing.





Looking at the Commercial Street crossing.






Looking east from between Washington St. and Commercial Ave.





From the Mobil station parking lot, looking north.









I believe this picture was taken on the east side of the tracks looking south to where the depot formerly stood.




Taken from the middle of Commercial Ave. looking due East.









Thanks to Larry Chapman for scanning them for me.

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