Photo Collection: Lowell Sesquicentennial Booklet

The following photos were taken from the recently released Lowell Sesquicentennial Book. I would like to thank the Sesquicentennial Committee and the Town Of Lowell for all the work that they have done on the celebration and the book. It is an outstanding volume of work on the 150 years of Lowell, Indiana history. Many people have worked long hard hours putting the birthday celebration together and I would like them to know that many appreciate their labors. Thanks.


Picture 1. Panoramic view of the wreckage from west of the Commercial Avenue crossing. Looking south.



Picture 2. Tanks cars, once containing alcohol, that caught fire and threatened the downtown business district. This photo appears to have been taken from west of the crossing at Commercial Ave.




Picture 3. Great picture of the wreckage looking south from the crossing at Washington Street. Notice how tore up the asphalt crossing is.




Picture 4. Monon Railroad crews arrive to survey the situation. Excellent picture of the damaged boxcars stacked on top of one another. Appears to have been taken south of the former depot looking toward the north.



Picture 5. Washington Street west of the tracks. Onlooker's vehicles take up what parking spaces are available. Note the Monon BL2 in the distance. Foreground is where Bolt's/ Garden City Foods, later Coatas Supermarket was located.



Picture 6. Another picture of the tank cars. Appears to have been taken west of the tracks looking souththeast toward the downtown area. Commercial Avenue would be right behind the tank cars. The building behind the tank cars would be Hepp's Tap.




Picture 7. Boxcars stacked up like cord wood. Pictures was taken from west of the track, looking east. Aproximately where Hardings parking lot is now.





Picture 8. This picture was taken early in the morning, shortly after daylight. Tank cars are still smouldering in the background. Looking north towards the Commercial crossing.




Picture 9. Another early morning picture. Fire Departments may still be using a water curtain to cool the tank cars, judging by the spectators with the umbrella. Picture taken from west of the track.





Picture 10. Wreckage left in Triangle Park. Looks like picture was taken from Washington Street, looking southeast.





Picture 12. Another picture of wrecked cars in Triangle Park. Looks like picture was taken from Washington Street, looking southwest.




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