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Granger Indiana, date unknown. Grand Trunk Western Union Depot. This depot was shared with the CCC&StL. Photographer unknown, photo courtsey Jeff Strombeck and the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum, North Judson, Indiana

Left: Grand Trunk's Olivers Yard Office, August 19, 1981. This building was at the Olivers Yard. It was more commonly referred to as the Ford Street Yard Office. Right: This tower sat in the northwest quadrant at the intersection of Sample and Olive Street, circa 1983. The GTW had three such towers in South Bend. This tower was not an interlocking tower but was used for control of the crossing gates and flashers at the grade crossing. It was similiar to the one the GTW had at Blue Island. JK Tower was on the west edge of South Bend, where the NJI&I crossed the GTW and NYC Kankakee Belt, near Sheridan and Sample Streets. In addition to the JK interlocking plant, the GTW also maintained a coaling tower and water tank, so there was a fair amount of activity out there in the middle of nowhere. There was also an interchange track for the GTW and Indiana Northern to exchange cars. That Indiana Northern track is still there, although it has been removed about a hundred yards or so east of where it once crossed the Kankakee Belt. The third tower was at Ford and Harris Streets. This tower protected the connection for the old Michigan Central (NYC) that meandered north to the Niles Branch. Both photos Jeff Strombeck. -Additional information courtesy Dan Lawecki-

GTW action, South Bend, Indiana, 1962. This picture was sent to me by Ken Konkol and was published in the South Bend Tribune in 1962 when the rail strike was settled. His father is the man on the left of the locomotive. Courtsey of Ken Kontol and the South Bend Tribune.






Flying Scotsman Visits South Bend

The Flying Scotsman is one the most famous steam locomotive in the world. Built by the then newly formed London and North Eastern Railway in 1923, designed by Sir Nigel Gresley, then Chief Mechanical & Electrical Engineer at LNER, the Flying Scotsman was the first locomotive to carry LNER's famous apple green livery. It is now a national icon representing all that is best in British engineering. Between 1969 and 1972 the Flying Scotsman toured the United States of America and in 1971 made a stop in South Bend, Indiana.

Left and Right: The Flying Scotsman making a stop at the Ford Street Yard Office (Pictured Above) on GTW when it stopped there for routin service such as coal and water and to dump some cinders. After service, it moved on to Union Station for the general public to tour it. Left: Arrival at Ford Street. Right: Head on shot at Ford Street Yard Office. Photos and background infomation courtsey of Michael E. Konkol. Pictures were taken by his father, Edward L. Konkol.

Close up of the cab of the Flying Scotsman.



Left And Right: Additional pictures of the Flying Scotsman. Union Station, South Bend, Indiana.

For more information on the Flying Scotsman, including its history, visit the official
Flying Scotsman Website

Left: Grand Truck Western action in South Bend, June 18, 1955. Right: August 4, 1951, Grand Trunk Western freight passes eastbound through Mishawaka, Indiana. Both photos Sandy Goodrick.

Left: November 11, 1950. Streamlined 4-8-4 steam engine on the lead of a Chicago - Toronto passenger train at South Bend. Right: September 17, 1957. Passing through South Bend bound for Battle Creek. Operation on the GTW between Arnold Street and High Street was per NYC timetables. Robertson's Warehouse Annex is the building in the background.

Yesterday and Today on the Trunk.

Left: November 19, 1949. Old GTW mainline east of downtown. It remained in place as an industrial spur and on occasions held football specials. Today it held a train bring fans to see Notre Dame defeat Iowa 28-7. Because the line was stubbed, the locomotive had to be cut off and back to Olivers yard to turn via the NYC "wye". Trains were loaded and unloaded at Union Depot or Olivers. Both photos Sandy Goodrick. Right: October 2003. Roughly the same area, looking east. Eddy Street is in the foreground, South Bend School Corporation's building and School Field now occupy the former GTW line.

Left: June 18, 1955. S-3-b 3741 at the Olive Street crossing at the west end of Oliver Yard. Right: CN action 2003. A eastbound freight waits to proceed from Oliver Yard. Picture taken just east of Olive Street overpass.

Left: September 25, 1954. U-3-b 6334 on the head of a passenger extra at Arnold Street. The NYC eastbound mainlines are in the background. Right: CN action 2003. A westbound CN freight at Arnold Street passes the former Oliver Plow Works, South Bend, Indiana. It is headed towards Olivers Yard.


Left: June 18, 1955. Locomotive 3741 working on the westbound main at Olivers. Right: CN 2003. An eastbound freight waits at Olivers Yard, April 14, 2003. BNSF #4844 is in the lead.

Left: June 18, 1955. Action in the Oliver Yard. Locomotive # 3741 protects the Olive Street crossing to prevent motorist from pulling around the Mikado into the path of the passenger. Right: September 12, 2003. Eastbound CN freight is photographed at Olivers Yard awaiting the green signal to proceed.

Left: September 11, 1954. Operating on joint trackage, this GTW freight is eastbound near Fellows Street. Sandy Goodrick photo. Right: 2003. Westbound NS freight taken in the approximate location. Note signal bridge in both pictures.

Left: May 10, 1953, GTW 6400 rumbles across the St. Joseph River heading westbound. Picture taken from NYC maniline. Right: Same area on the CN mainline and bridge crossing the St. Joseph River in South Bend, Indiana. You are looking towards the north.

Another picture of the Grand Trunk bridge crossing the St. Joseph River. Picture taken from Linconway East, looking to the north. Right: The high bridge across the St. Joseph River and Northside Blvd. Looking to the northwest. Farmers market is on the other side of the bridge.

The high bridge. This part is south of the river and spans Lincolnway East.


Left: Train #17 at South Bend. Photo does not indicate exact location. It looks like it is east of downtown, between Greenlawn Street and Mishawaka. Right: F units pull a freight eastbound past the Studebaker Works in downtown South Bend in 1964.

GTW SW-2 working in South Bend, Indiana. Year is 1957. This photo was taken in the area east of Michigan Street, near the old GTW depot and freight house. Prior to a massive urban renewal project in the early 1970's, this was an area where the GTW had many customers. All of these businesses were served from the old mainline. The local would depart from Olivers yard and run eastbound until they reached Greenlawn Avenue. There they would gain access to the old mainline and work west across Twyckenham Drive, Eddy Street and cross the St. Joseph River until they reached these businesses. -Additional information courtesy Dan Lawecki-


Ford and Kosiosko Streets, August 1964. This was the east end of the Oliver Yard. -Mike Palmiter Photograph-







Left: Steam locomotive on the Grant Trunk at Main Street. This locomotive was on a special steam excursion from Chicago to South Bend. Photos are not dated. -Mike Palmiter Photograph- Right: Same excursion and steam locomotive as seen from Main Street looking north. -Mike Palmiter photograph.


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