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Eighty three miles east of the Grand Trunk's Elsdon Yard in Chicago and about seven miles from Olivers Yard in South Bend, lies Crumstown. Not a big community by today's standards, however, at one time this town boasted its own depot.

Crumstown depot, date unknown. Photo from the Strombeck Collection.






Left: October 4, 1952. A pair of goldnose F-5's pass through Crumstown headed towards South Bend. Right: 2003. October 3, 1953, almost one year later, a GTW N-4-d Consolidation is westbound through Crumstown on the way to Chicago.


Mishawaka, Indiana depot, date unknown. Passenger depot sat east of Main Street on the south side of the tracks. Photo from the Strombeck Collection.






Abandoned Trunk Through South Bend (Old Line).

Left: Former bridge crossing the St. Joseph River. Picture taken from Howard Park side, looking west. At one time the Northern Indiana Railroad also used this bridge. Today it is part of the walking trails. Right: Former crossing on Notre Dame Avenue. Picture taken south of the former crossing.

Left: Looking to the east along the former right of way at Frances Street. The track curved off to the right, following Western Avenue, which is the street to the right of the photo. School Field is in the distance. Right: East of School Field. Former GTW crossing at Sunnyside Avenue. Tracks are long gone, but the grade is still visible.

Former GTW grade crossing at Twyckenham Drive. In the background of the photo is the current CN mainline, which today crosses over the road by viaduct. When the picture was taken, there was a westbound freight crossing the bridge.

More Trunk Pictures

Anyone familiar with George Ellwoods Fallen Flags Photos site will probably recognize these shots by Dennis Schmidt. Left: October 25, 1959. SW2 8091 working the main, downtown South Bend, passing the tower. Right: Same locomotive, different paint. November 09, 1963, South Bend.

Left: April 14, 1959. SW2 8200 passing the tower, downtown South Bend. Right: August 10, 1963. F unit 9017 leads GTW freight through Oliver yards on the westside of South Bend.

April 3, 1958 F-units, led by #9205 leading freight at Union Depot, South Bend, Indiana.

These photos were also posted on George's site. They give an engineer's view of the line through South Bend. Left: Eastbound on the CN/ GTW passing Lafayette Street, circa 2004. Right: At High Street. The CN/ GTW curves off to the north (left) of the image. Next it will cross the high bridge pictured at the bottom of page 1. Great pictures by Stan Sienicki. Courtesy George Elwood.


More great action shot along the Grand Trunk Western in South Bend, courtesy of George Elwood's Fallen Flags Web Site. Left: Westbound freight approaching Union Depot in December of 1979. Right: Westbound freight passing by the Studebaker Plant. Note overhead conveyor system still there on Studebaker Building #84.

GTW freight westbound as seen from the former South Bend Tower. Better picture of Studebaker Building #69, which was later used for engineering and maintenance, April 1978





The mainline east of Mishawka. Pictured is a westbound freight on the mainline in Granger, Indiana, April of 1979.



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