South Bend Historical Indusrty
And Locations

As you can see, there has been some major changes in the format of this page. In an attempt to make the pages load quicker, I have assigned each historical industry or location their own page, or combined two on one page. I hope this make viewing the page easier.



Use the links on the right to see many of the historic industry and locations in South Bend. Granted this is by no means a complete list, but in time I hope to add additional industry and locations. This site will continue to grow.



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Bendix Aviation

Council Oak

Drewrys Brewery

Maxwell Implement Company

Merchants National BankUpdated 01-09-04

O'Brien Varnish

Oliver Hotel

Playland Park

Remedy Building EW 03-26-06

Singer 1-09-04

South Bend Central High

South Bend Toy

South Bend Natatorium

South Bend Wollen Mills

Stephenson Mills

Storyland Zoo Park

Willson Brothers