Oliver Plow Works Demolition Progress

Aerial Photo Of Plant


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Oliver Plow Works, 2002, Aerial photo of plant just prior to start of its redevolpment. Courtsey of Andy Laurent and The South Bend Economic Development Division.

May 29 - June 1, 2003

Demolition progress. While taking pictures of railroad activity, I discovered that the fence that once seperated the plant from the railroad tracks had been taken down. I spoke with some of the contractors working and they allowed me access to what was left of the Oliver Plow Works. A WORD TO THE WISE: This project is still considered private property and wandering in without permission is considered tresspassing. Much as we would like to, play it smart and don't break the law! Left: This is all that is left of the Warehouse, the basement and foundation. Right: The Boiler House is still standing. Looking east from inside the fence. All the buildings have been reduced to rubble, then the rubble was pulverized or trucked away.


Left: The Boiler House up close and personal. This is one of the buildings that will be left. This view is of the south and west walls. Right: Looking up the smokestack from the base, next to the east wall of the building.


Looking at the east wall and base of the smokestack


Left: The Boiler House up close and personal. This is one of the buildings that will be left. When viewed up close, it really is a unique structure. Right: Inside the Boiler House. Not sure what the equipment in the picture was used for, but when I went inside, there was this eerie silence which is hard to describe.


Left: Inside the Boiler House. This picture was taken as you walked inside from the south. Right: This picture is looking at the south furnace inside the building.


Left: Inside the Boiler House. Picture is of the north furnace inside the building. Right: Looking up inside the Boiler House. This picture is looking up towards the roof between the north and south furnace.


Left: Forge Shop and Base Fitting Buildings. These two buildings, constructed in 1908 and 1910 will also be saved. You are looking west along the south wall of the Base Fitting Shop. Right: Inside the Base Fitting Shop. I believe the brick structure is what is left of some sort of furnace.


Left: Inside the Forge Shop. Looking to the south, towards Sample Street. Right: This picture is the inside of the Forge Shop looking towards the north. As I wandered through this empty building, I attempted to picture what this place was like back in the early 1900's. Today, almost 100 years later, silence.


Left: Another look at the foundation of the Warehouse Building. Built in 1909, soon it too will be just a memory. Right: One last parting look at the Boiler House. I had accomplished my intended goal and a thanks to the contractors who escorted me. It is still a construction zone and can be dangerous to anyone wandering around. I hope that the redevelopment is a success, however, it is sad to lose such a vital part of South Bend history.


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