Oliver Industrial Park
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Photos courtsey of The City of South Bend and The South Bend Economic Development Division. My expressed thanks to Mayor Luecke and Mr. Laurent, Project Manager, for allowing me to use these pictures.

September 9, 2003 groundbreaking for the Oliver Industrial Park. The redevelopment of the former Oliver Plow Works is just the first phase of the Studebaker/ Oliver Redevelopment Project. The former 36 acre site will host 3 to 5 parcels ranging in size from 3 to 10 acres. Pictured above is an original Oliver Plow in front of the Boilerhouse.

Left: Groundbreaking ceremony, September 9, 2003. Pictured, from left to right, Jay Harwood (Rose Fuel Vice President), South Bend Mayor Stephen Luecke and Andy Laurent (South Bend Economic Development District Project Manager). Right: Mayor Luecke operating an Oliver 550 tractor loading freshly broken ground into a Rose Fuel truck driven by CEO Robert Harwood. This act was symbolic of the transition from Oliver to South Bend and finally to Rose. The joint groundbreaking kicked off both the Oliver Industrial Park and future home of Rose Brick and Materials Company.

A four-generation family owned and managed business, founded by Schuyler Colfax Rose, Rose Fuel and Materials has been serving the masonry and building needs of Michiana for nearly a century. Opened in 1914 as a prime supplier of coal, the company has grown to carry a wide variety of building materials. Having outgrown their current location, Rose has chosen the Oliver Industrial Park to move its operations. After extensive renovation, the boilerhouse will serve as their office and showroom. A welcome partner in the redevelopment of the site.

Guests look over historic materials, artifacts and development plans that were on display inside the boilerhouse following the groundbreaking ceremony.

A look at the future office and showroom of Rose Fuel and Materials, groundbreaking 2003.







Close up look at the cornice of the building, taken August 25, 2003. Also the scaffolding surrounding the smokestack. Due to instability, part of the stack had to be removed.






Left: More work on the boilerhouse. Contractor workers chemically cleaning the brick at the southeast corner of the building. Right: Inside the boilerhouse, July 3, 2003. The furnaces have been removed.

Oliver/Rose 9-9The scaffolding surrounding the smokestack and accessory crane. We hope to update the progress on the redevelopment of the Oliver Industrial Park. Much as we will miss the old plant, this project is vital to economic development and the future of our city.






Update. December 06, 2003

Was out and about and thought I would drop by the old plow works. Construction is coming along. At least today, I could drive back onto the property to take some picture. It looks great.

Left: Pictured is the old Boiler House, soon to be the showroom and offices of Rose Fuel and Materials. With all the restoration on the bricks complete and new windows, the building looks fabulous. Note large parking lot. Right: Another view, taken from the new road inside the development. We are just off Chapin Street, looking west.

Left: Closer view of the west facade. The new windows make the building look great. Right: Another view, looking at the south facade. Compare this view with those above, or the last few looks on the demolition pages. What a difference.

Close up view of the smokestack. The memory of what this land used to be will foerever be remembered by the name proudly displayed on the stack. We redevelop looking towards the future, but we honor the history.





Taking advantage of a much deserved day off, while railfanning, I once again found myself back at the former Oliver Works. Snapped some pictures and thought I would share them. Left: Rose Fuel and Materials Showroom and warehouse. The cornerstone of the new development looks great. Picture taken from the southwest. Right: One final look at the new Rose Fuel Company. This pictures was taken from the northwest.


Left: The Forge Shop still remains. Once considered a building that could be saved, the Forge Shop in all likelyhood will eventually be demolished. Right: Another look at part of the Forge Shop. As I stood there looking over the old building, I couldn't help but wonder, "if these walls could only talk...."

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Here is one OUTSTANDING photo documentary on the Last Days Of The Oliver Plow Works , by D. Brent Miller. Great pictures, including many taken inside the buildings!


Want to learn more about the Oliver Chilled Plow Works and the Oliver Family?
Visit Oliver Plow Company at the Northern Indiana Center for History.

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