Storyland Zoo

Storyland Zoo, on the southside of South Bend, was inside Rum Village Woods.


NEW 07-05-2006 These photos come from the Floring Family, who one resided in South Bend. They were provided for use here by William Floring. Left: Storyland Zoo Entrance, circa 1968:  This is probably the best , in some cases, only memory of visitors to Storyland Zoo.  This huge sign sat just off the parking area, right next to the admission gate.  It was tradition to have the kids jump on there and take a picture before entering the park. The picture above shows this sign being near a sheep display.  That photo is from souvenir postcard. The photo must have been from the very early years of the zoo or the sign must have been dragged in there for the puropse of taking the picture. That sign was always out near the parking lot for every visit our ever made. Right: Storyland Zoo Exhibit 1966:  One of the exhibits in the zoo (looks like rabbits), circa 1966.


Left and Right: Park train at Storyland Zoo. Operating miniture trains wasthe rage in amusement parks during the 1950's and early 1960's. Storyland Zoo was no exception. August 20, 1957 found the Strombeck Family of Mishawaka enjoying a ride. It appears that they are the only passengers.

NEW 07-05-2006 Storyland Train House 1990:  The abandonded train barn at Storyland Zoo. The train was stored in there, and then the doors rolled up to serve as the loading/unloading area for the ride.  At the time the photo was taken, the cement pad that the tracks ran on was still visible.




NEW 07-05-2006 Storyland Zoo 1990:  The abandoned Storyland Zoo site.  You can see the overgrown perimeter fence and some of the animal enclosures and attractions, all overgrown with brush and weeds.  The site was in bad shape, with structures falling apart, all overgrown, and lots of vandalism.



More information and images coming soon.

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