More Pictures Of The Studebaker Plants 1 and 2

Two great pictures taken inside Building 78. Left: Bustling with activity sometime during 1948. Note truck bodies and railcars inside building. Courtsey Studebaker National Museum and Andy Laurent. Right: Inside, circa 2002. Stark contrast to the 1948 picture. The building is vacant, silent and empty. I am guessing the person standing to the right of the photo is not a ghost. Andy Laurent photo.


September 28, 2003 fire broke out at the former Studebaker Works. It resulted in considerable damage to Building 86. The former plant is part of a redevelopment project by the City of South Bend Economic Development Division. The cause of the fire, vandalism and is under investigation. Thanks to Andy Laurent for the pictures, even though I put the wrong caption on the bottom two, sorry Andy.


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