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Building 85 (1928). Closer look at the "S" at the top of building 85.





Same building, view of the interior. This is the east part of the building.





Building 92 (1928). This building, 183,336 square feet, served as the Product Engineering and Design Building. First floor had engine and chassis dyno room and engine assembly lab. Engineering offices, drafting and prototype fabrication shop were on the second floor. The building is currently housing a Studebaker parts distributor, SASCO. Building sits on the corner of Sample and Franklin Streets.




Close up of Studebaker logo on cornice of building. It is the only such logo still remaining on any of the building I have seen. There is a former Studebaker dealership in Mishawaka that has something similar. We hope to have pictures soon.




Mishawka Indiana. Judging by the company logos and the steel remain of a framework that once supported a sign, this building must have once been a Studebaker dealership.




Building Complex that included Building 83 (pictured 1919-23), Building 82 (1919-1923) Building 79 (1919-22-26) and Building 80 (1919-22) Building 83 was a railroad boxcar loading dock for the finished vehicles. Building 82, 316,168 square feet, four stories, contained many departments, including Doll-up line, Color enamel painting, Final line stockrooms and Material storage. Building 79, 508,103 square feet, four stories, housed main finally assembly plant. Finished car repair shop, Final assembly line, Gas Tank Assembly, Wheel and tire mounting. Front fender assembly, hood fabrication and assembly, Black enamel painting. Building 80 housed the heavy press room.


South end of Building 83.






North end of complex, Building 83 and Building 82.






Area pictured is what was considered the Frame Storage Area, between Building 78, Building 80 and Building 86. This photo was taken from in front of the north wall of Building 96, looking southeast.




West wall of Building 86. Building 86 (1926) was the spring shop and truck chassis assembly. Looking towards the south.






Building 86. Picture is looking towards the north. Note railyard, once part of a vast railroad system that serviced the plant.





Building 112 (1945) 29, 284 square feet. This was the Body Plant Tool Room and Receiving Docks. This building sits on the west end of Building 84.





Part of the vast railroad system that once served the plant. These tracks once entered Building 85, the Foundry.






Another picture of the railyard on the south end of the plant. Also south ends of Building 82, Building 83, Building 79 and Building 80. It is hard to imagine just how busy this railyard once was. Today (2002) it lies silent and still.





The railyard, another view. This picture was taken looking east from Kendall Street.






A surviving railroad legacy of the former Studebaker railway. This Wabash boxcar was once assigned to the Studebaker Plant. For many years this car moved parts in, out and around the Studebaker Plants. Photo courtsey of Bob Albert and The Hoosier Valley Railroad Musuem , North Judson, Indiana, where the car has been restored and is on display.




Studebaker Corp. Railroad


In it's heyday Studebaker Plants One and Two covered 125 acres. The company also had two other plants in South Bend, Plant Three and Plant Four. These were the Aviation Plants, located on the southside of the city on Chippewa Avenue. These were purchased from the Government and were used briefly for truck assembly. The company also owned an 800 acre proving grounds west of the city.


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